While researching an article for Australian Geographic about the impact on wildlife of Cyclone Larry, Tim encountered this cassowary in a garden outside Ingham. Urban cassowaries are discussed in a chapter of Tim Low’s latest book, Where Song Began.

Wildlife Conflicts

Animals often take advantage of the resources provided by cities and farms, sometimes leading to unusual management issues. Tim Low has expertise in these. He has provided advice to several local councils about problem flying fox colonies and the prospects of moving them to more satisfactory locations. He monitors ongoing research into flying fox ecology, including changes to colony locations.

Tim assisted with the landscaping of an international airport by providing a list of trees that would not pose navigation hazards by attracting birds.

For Brisbane City Council, the largest local government in Australia, Tim has provided advice about a wide range of wildlife issues.

For Greening Australia, he wrote the text and provided images for Dinkum Gardening, a 60 page colour booklet that explores gardens as habitats, and provides practical advice about weed control in urban bushland.

Flying fox management is a serious concern that requires sound understanding of their changing habits. Tim has produced a series of reports for local governments that advise about options.