Tim Low is an original thinker who surprises and inspires when he talks about nature or conservation. He has spoken at scores of events around Australia and overseas, often as a keynote speaker. Venues have included the Hawaii Conservation Conference (as opening keynote), 18thGlobal Biodiversity Forum (Cancun, Mexico), Woodford Folk Festival, New Zealand Biosecurity Seminar,  Sydney Modern Art Gallery, Kingfisher Bay Resort, University of Zimbabwe, and various writers Festivals (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Byron Bay) and bird events.
Since the publication of his bird book Tim has given many talks about birds, including recently in Springwood in the Blue Mountains, where he drew record crowds.

From 2006-2016, Tim was a guide each spring on the Christmas Island Bird’n’Nature Week, during which he explores the island’s ecology. In 2017 he was a guide in Borneo instead.

Tim has appeared on many television and radio programs, including a TV New Zealand episode named ‘Feral Future’ after his 5th book. Tim was the voice of radio advertisements aired when Brisbane City Council introduced vegetation protection in the 1990s.

Topics that Tim often speaks about include climate change adaptation and invasive species problems and management. At the Queensland Government’s first Natural Resources Conference he was engaged by the government to provide the address about pests and weeds and the associated policy challenges. Since his bird book appeared in 2014 he has given many talks on birds.

Some of Tim’s consultancy projects include a strong public liaison element, including addressing public meetings and meetings of landholders.

Tim has lectured and tutored travelling students from many American universities, both in classrooms and the field, also introducing them to wildlife such as leaf-tailed geckoes and snakes. He has interpreted the rainforest to Singapore Special School students visiting Christmas Island.

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Public speaking is an important component of Tim’s work. Places at which he has spoken include Christmas Island, Kalgoorlie, Zimbabwe, the Canberra Press Club and on an Antarctic ice-breaker.
Red crabs are the main herbivores on Christmas Island, exerting profound impacts on plant success by consuming seeds and seedlings. The island provides insights into the world that would exist had vertebrates never evolved, something Tim talks about on the Christmas Island Bird’n’Nature Week.   
At the Hawaii Conservation Conference Tim summarised the importance of Australia as a source of species that colonise Hawaii, ranging from prehistoric colonists such as the koa tree (Acacia koa, illustrated) and various shrubs (Dodonaea, Goodenia and Myoporum species), to recent invasive species such as the paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia), silky oak (Grevillea robusta), and the grass skink (Lampropholis delicata).