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Leaf-tail geckoes have distribution patterns that provide unique insights into past climates, something Tim has written about in reports for government. The Eungella leaf-tail (Phyllurus nepthys) is confined to elevated rainforest west of Mackay. In the 1970s Tim contributed to the discovery of new leaf-tail species.
Tim Low's reports, books, articles and talks have contributed to ecological thought and environmental policy in Australia and more widely.

Written for a general audience, his books have attracted broad academic interest and serve as recommended reading in many university courses.

His environmental consultancy work is sometimes highlighted by the media and cited in books.

He speaks at events around Australia and internationally.

His columns, articles and photos have appeared widely.


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The main news is the enthusiastic media response to the appearance of Tim Low's new best seller, Where Song Began.

Three laudatory reviews have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and here is Nicolas Rothwell, writing in The Australian:

"Where Song Began ... gives a brisk account of the quiet revolution now transforming our picture of the Australian past: a grand dethroning of old paradigms, one of the true intellectual adventures of our time."